As an innovative editor, visual storyteller and post production specialist in terms of grade, CGI and VFX.
Bruce loves challenges that expand his skills and keen interest in new film technologies. Bruce started his editing career while signed to Gallo as an artist with the band Karoo with their first music video - 'Mission Impossible'. Fascinated by film he started from the ground up working as an all-hander on films like 'Dangerous Grounds' and 'The Making of a Mahatma'.  After spending two years working on numerous sets he finally found his way into the editing suite. Here he gained hands-on skills by editing and delivering many hours of diverse content for television. Bruce had found his passion. He got his first film break with “lokshin bioskopes movies” like 'The Conman'  and 'Foreign Hearts'.  This led to the acclaimed Afrikaans film 'Die Spook van Uniondale' which Bruce both edited and graded, including all VFX work in the film, which was the first film Bruce edited for producer Dumi Gumbi.    'The Dunning Kruger Effect' was next. Then 'Mrs Right Guy’, followed directed by Adze Ugah, which was box office hit in South African theatres in 2016.  Most recently he edited the SA/USA co-production, “Love By Chance”, a romantic comedy on screens across more than 30 cinemas in South Africa in 2017, as well as the psychological thriller, “Alone”, beautifully shot by award-winning South African cinematographer - Trever A Brown. This was an opportunity to edit a classically structured genre film that also involved major CGI and VFX.
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